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* Why Display?

Leaflet display is easily your best option

Is this you?

You have information you want to pass on. Or services to offer. Or an opportunity that should not be missed.

And you need to get this across to a particular group of people.

What do you do?

You could look to TV, newspapers, magazines, national or local radio. For you these options may be too expensive, or not selective enough. Or the people you want to reach may be blinded by the sheer amount of advertising material vying for their attention. Or they will forget the details, such as the exact times of a bus service, or where exactly to go for help.

What you want is to get your information into people's hands.

Leaflets are the answer

Leaflets or brochures are the obvious answer. People can:

Direct mail? Door-to-door?

You may be tempted now to go in for a direct mail campaign. Unfortunately, the proven success of direct mail is lower than 1%. The huge majority of your leaflets will be thrown away. Almost all your money could be wasted.

The same is true of door-to-door deliveries.

Self-Selection Works

Leaflet display is probably the cheapest and simplest form of promotion you can find.

If your printed materials are properly displayed, in the right places, you can achieve everything you want to achieve without wasting a penny. You can rest secure in the knowledge that the material you have designed and printed is working for you right round the clock.

The solution: put your leaflets where people will select them for themselves

Easily your best option is to display your leaflets and brochures where the people you want to reach can be found.

These people can take what catches their eye out of a display stand—especially if it is in full view. Your information is now just where you wanted it to be—in the right people's hands.