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With the launch of CERT (Carbon Emissions Reduction Target) in April last year Southern Electric were confident that we could reach a very high proportion of our target Priority Group—the elderly, low income families and those on benefits—by displaying our leaflets in GP surgeries, Hospitals, Pharmacies and Day care centres etc. But how do you reach such outlets?

At first we considered simply bulk mailing the outlets with the leaflets as the least expensive solution. But experience has shown us that the demand on the time of professionals in such environments would lead to a very high attrition rate resulting in a high percentage of the leaflets being assigned to the rubbish bin.

The other option was to speak to the nation's key leaflet display businesses. However, after numerous calls I discovered that the majority of these could only offer us distribution via their existing sites—typically hotels, motorway service stations, sports and recreation centres etc.—not where we wanted to be—whilst displaying alongside another 50 or so advertisers all vying for the public's attention.

Then I came across the Leaflet Display UK website—at last a breath of fresh air and someone actually willing to listen to our needs before providing an appropriate solution.

Leaflet Display UK fully identified the appropriate sites and submitted a proposal to ‘sell in’ to the outlets. They quickly became conversant with the key messages of the leaflet so that they could fully brief those with the influence to communicate these messages to the patients

The result? The campaign far exceeded expectations which we were able to measure from responses with the leaflet codes. Leaflet Display UK were also able to service the outlets on a regular basis by topping up the displays, ensuring a consistently prominent position and keeping the displays tidy. Reports on up-take were also submitted after each visit allowing an analysis of the performance of each area.

All in all Leaflet Display UK provided an exemplary service tailored to our exact needs and I would most definitely recommend them to any organisation obliged to measure the effectiveness of its campaigns.

Rita Cudd, Energy efficiency Partner Manager, Scottish and Southern Electric


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