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Robert Samples has been involved in the leaflet display and distribution business since the 1990s.

This shows in our offer to customers.

We offer a unique leaflet distribution-and-display service: we take your brochures and leaflets out into the community, where they are needed and where they are most effective, at a fraction of the cost you would expect. Each campaign is specific to each client. Each project is individually tailored and individually priced.

How we achieve our success


  1. identify your purposes and needs in detail;
  2. carefully examine your current and planned print output;
  3. identify key facts about the area in which you need your leaflets displayed;
  4. identify the most effective of possible display stands;
  5. draw up a Version A outlet list;
  6. sell the concept of your stands and leaflets to the outlets;
  7. carry out a first service, identifying high and low moving outlets;
  8. service and develop the outlets, and change if required;
  9. present you with a monthly stock performance of outlets, along with suggestions for changes and improvements, where these would benefit your campaign.

We also distribute magazines

The Leaflet Display UK advantage

We offer a personal, tailored leaflet distribution service—and remarkable value for money.

Our charges per site per week are considerably lower than the competition. Companies have saved several thousand pounds a year by using Leaflet Display UK.

What this means for you

Our aim is simple: to remove all the hassle and detail that leaflet distribution and display can involve. Once you say 'yes', we simply take the problem away from you.

We will bother you as little as possible. You can always check progress with us, but we will not be forever on the telephone to you, or bombard you with e-mails. We aim to run this crucial area of promotion for you.